• The Trauma of Sexual Abuse

    Posted on October 7, 2014 by in Education

    Sexual violence is prevalent throughout the world. The legitimate numbers are difficult to gather and conceive, mainly because sexual crimes often go unreported. It is estimated that twenty percent of all men and women are known victims of sexual assault in the United States alone. In lesser developed countries, and even some developed ones, that number is much higher. Keep in mind though, that just in the United States, sixty percent of sexual assault crimes go unreported. China, which has the greatest of the world’s population, only reports a little over three percent of their sexual crimes.

    The reason this is such a problem, is because of the trauma suffered by sexual assault. Not reporting such crimes only further damages the victim, and it also enables the offenders to continue their crimes. This sort of thing should not be allowed to go unchecked, and yet it does, more often than not. Why is this? It is because sexual violence is a violation upon another human being- both physically, and mentally. The victims are left feeling used, confused, and most importantly, they are made to feel powerless- which is usually the goal of the perpetrators.

    victim sexual abuseWhen you sexually assault someone, you take away their sense of control. Every single person, man, woman, and child, has a human right to decide how their body is treated. Sexual offenders take away that right, either through physical violence, mental coercion, or both. This leaves victims feeling helpless, unable to escape their situation and the shame that arises from the trauma of the experience. This is what perpetrators prey upon- they use this understanding to enforce their behavior, and rely upon the victims’ subsequent silence.

    Because of the word ‘sex’, people often mistakenly believe that sexual crimes are based on, or stem from desire. In reality, they are mainly about power. Sexual abuse is about the power one individual holds over another, and the power offenders are able to take away from victims, through force. There are three main differentials used in determining abusive acts, and all are related to force. These are the level of: gratification between the victim and the offender, the level of power, and the level of knowledge.How well does the perpetrator know the victim? What is the nature of their relationship, and how much information does each one have concerning the situation? How much satisfaction did victim and offender derive from the event? How much did the victim suffer at the hands of the perpetrator?

    sexual abuse victimThese are all questions that are asked when qualifying the nature and severity of a sexual crime. The level of trauma is determined from studying this. For example: an employee who is blackmailed by his boss into having sex does not experience the same level of trauma as a child who has a history of being abused by her father- although the end result might be the same. A wife can be uncomfortable with certain sexual acts her husband forces her to participate in, but this is not the same level of discomfort that is experienced by in inmate in prison who is raped by the guards. All these acts can lead to depression, and suicide, however all of them can be prevented in future attempts, with knowledge and awareness.

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    YouTube Marketing Can Be Important When Helping People Understand Responses To Abuse

    Posted on October 15, 2014 by in Help and Advice

    The fear that comes with sexual assault or any other form of violence can be devastating. A person who has been victimized by such an action may not understand where to turn to in order to get the help one needs. This often causes many people to continue to suffer in silence.

    Naturally, YouTube marketing has been used for many causes as YouTube marketing helps to promote different organizations that can support people in many ways. This is something that can certainly be said for those who are looking for help after they have been victimized by an instance of sexual or physical assault.

    The fact is that assault is not something that a person can easily recover from. A person who was assaulted five years might be using YouTube today and will find something that might trigger a flashback to that moment from so long ago.

    It is a truly difficult and emotional concern that can harm the livelihoods of many people. This is why many YouTube marketing campaigns are often held to get people to learn about what they can do in order to seek help. This is important for those who have been victimized as well as the people who are close to the person who has been hurt so long ago.

    These campaigns are typically created by organizations devoted to helping victims of abuse. These organizations do this with many intentions in mind:

    • They understand that it is easier to find people online and to offer help through many websites.
    • The outreach can be done at any time; this is especially critical for those who may end up losing sleep as a result of the emotional stress that comes with abuse.
    • They know that there’s a need to establish an outreach in just about any place in the world. This includes the online world as it is.
    • Sometimes people might also have an easier time responding to online requests for help. Sometimes these requests can come from those who truly understand every aspect that comes with abuse.

    The ways how YouTube is used to promote help for those who have been harmed can be important:

    Abuse-help• It offers information on what people can do in order to cope with their mental issues.
    • It discusses the ways how professional therapists can help victims. Therapists may talk online about how different solutions may be utilized in order to enhance one’s ability to respond to cases of abuse.
    • YouTube may even provide people with details on how to survive flashbacks if they ever come around.
    • Those who might engage in abusive activities may also be consulted. They may learn from many videos about how they can stop perpetrating such actions and how they can reach out to help those who might have been hurt by their actions.

    The information that is profiled on YouTube can be very important. YouTube marketing is used when talking about cases of abuse with more than just the need to help people in mind. It is also to let people know that there are others out there who care about them and their well-being in the long run.

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  • The College Life: Confronting Sexual Abuse

    Posted on October 7, 2014 by in Help and Advice

    Recently President Obama has been making news, promising to increase protection on college and university campuses to reduce the rate of sexual abuse victims. Sex crimes are prevalent among our campuses, and largely unreported.New policy concerning procedure, treatment, and sensitivity may change that, and correct a terrible problem within our schools. Eighty percent of all reported sexual assault crimes in the United States occur for people under the age of thirty.

    The nature of sexual abuse is subjective. This is especially applicable in university settings, where large groups of people come into contact with each other and form relationships. Victims of sexual assault are often too embarrassed or ashamed to report a sex crime, especially if it occurred by someone they know- such as a boyfriend, or teacher. These kinds of intimate relationships blur the line, and potentially make a regular situation indistinguishable as a crime.

    victim sexual assaultFor example, you may not think that your jealous boyfriend refusing a condom, or taking away your birth control pills is anything out of the ordinary. That kind of behavior is typical for him. That is also the pattern of a sexual offender. You may have been flirting at the recent house party- but that doesn’t mean you deserve to wake up in a stranger’s bed with no clothes and no recollection of how you got there. Nor do you deserve to be sexually assaulted by a professor or advisor that you requested a private appointment with. Yet these kinds of examples happen all over America, and often go ignored and unprosecuted; or swept under the rug, so that the university where the crime occurred doesn’t suffer embarrassment.

    Which is why federal policy makers have begun scrutinizing universities and local college campuses. California’s ‘yes means yes’ law that was recently passed serves as a model for learning institutions’ policies concerning sexual assault. Critics of this law, which also deals with claims of victims’ intoxication, say that it dangerously broadens the definition of sexual assault. But defining sexual abuse has never been a simple task- mainly because people, like college students who were in the wrong place at the wrong time, are too afraid to come forward. There has long been a need for a conversation concerning sexual abuse in this country, because experiencing that level of trauma, without any kind of closure, can alter a person’s entire life irrevocably.

    sexual assaultColleges should be a safe haven in which students can pursue their higher education goals without fear. Yet,nearly twenty percent of all men and women who attend university become sexual assault victims. For too long, antiquated and inefficient procedures have bred a standard of indifference and feigned ignorance, in regards to these abused individuals. Campuses that remain in denial about this problem only make the situation worse, by compounding the trauma, and providing sexual offenders a consequence-free environment. Keep in mind however, that developing policies concerning sexual assault on campuses is no easy task- just take a look at the scandal that has recently rocked Occidental College. Sexual assault cases that occur on campuses need to be thoroughly investigated, and properly examined.

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  • Defining Abuse

    Posted on October 7, 2014 by in Education

    Out of all the sensational and awful crimes that can be committed, sexual abuse is one of the most prevalent, and the least discussed. Many sex crimes go unreported, and as a result, sexual violence goes unchecked here, and in many other parts of the world. Victims are often either violently, or psychologically deterred from reporting their assailants. Not to mention, it wasn’t until the twentieth century that sex crimes, and sexual violence were even considered major offences.

    What is sexual abuse? According to the World Health Organization, a rough definition of sexual abuse is any unwanted or non-consensual sexual act that is achieved either through physical violence, or coercion. Such acts include, but are not sexual abuselimited to: rape, assault, harassment, incest, molestation, forced prostitution, forced pornography, and the passing of sexual diseases onto someone else. Sexual violence occurs both in times of war and times of peace, and is considered to be both highly traumatic and highly pervasive. It is the most common of human rights violations across the world. Unfortunately, many systems of enforcement are weak, subjective, and in many places, non-existent.

    Sex crimes are very sensitive, and typically extremely personal in nature. In practically every single case, the victim knows, and has a close or even intimate relationship with the perpetrator. This is largely why less than twenty percent of all sexual crimes are reported. Of the world’s population, it is estimated that over seven percent of women have been victims of sexual violence, and those are the reported cases. Men are also victims of sexual abuse, but the reported numbers are much lower. The numbers of children who suffer from sexual abuse however, are atrociously high. After doing research on the most recent statistics, it was found that nearly a billion people all over the world were found to be victims of a sexual crime.

    There are seven billion people- which means that one in every seven people living on this planet, is a known sexual abuse victim. Sex crimes, and sexual violence occurs every single day, in every part of the world. People who experience the trauma of sexual abuse often develop mental health issues as a result, either with stuttered development, or serious depression. Many commit suicide, and some even go on to repeat that behavior onto others. Keep in mind that for every sex crime officially reported, twice as many occur, and go unchecked.

    sexual abuse chargesIf you don’t believe that sexual abuse is a serious problem in this world, think again. By not raising awareness and making sure sexual assault victims receive the treatment they require, we are only ensuring that this problem continues to grow. When we refuse to recognize that there is even a problem, we only succeed in making it worse. With as often as sexual violence occurs, you’ve probably been in contact with a victim, or are one yourself. Remember, if you have experienced sexual assault, or know someone who has, keeping quiet on the subject will only cause greater damage.

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